About us

As you have already found my website you have probably figured out that it is about guitars, but I am going to take this opportunity to introduce you to it in a little more detail and tell you how it works and what it is all about! I made my website to help those who are a little unsure of what to look for in a guitar find their perfect musical match, and for those who are familiar with the instruments, this website should help to give you a slight nudge in the right direction about which guitar to next add to your collection.

You will see that the information on this website is presented in the form of reviews, as I feel that this is the best way to display such a wide range of information. I hope you find each of the reviews as fun to read as I did to research and write!

Break the reviews down for me

Each of the reviews on this website have been carefully curated to be fair and balanced and to give you an accurate impression of what each guitar is about. They have been broken down into different sections to help you take in and digest the information you will find in them, and as well as providing you with all of the good elements of each of the guitars, they also include any bad things people have had to say too so that you can form a correct reflection of each instrument in your head.

You should be able to find everything you need to to help you in your purchase of a new guitar on this website, and I hope that you enjoy looking through them all! I hope that in some small way I have helped you to create some beautiful music!