Best Electric Guitars Under $200

Are you in the market for a durable, affordable, rockin’ and rollin’ electric guitar in the price range of $200 or less? In this article we’ll look at a number of models and packages from different guitar makers and offer some of the pros and cons to each instrument as we give an informed opinion on your various choices.

Legacy Solid Body by G&L

Legacy Solid BodyUpon further inspection Legacy guitars are made by G & L, the company that George Fullerton (the G) and the legendary Leo Fender (the L) started in the late 70’s.

It comes as no surprise then that the Legacy Solid Body looks pretty much exactly like a Fender Stratocaster. The Legacy is made of Alder wood, which is perfect for the unique natural finish and boasts a medium weight and a strong full sound which accents the mid and low ranges of the aural spectrum.

All the things we’ve come to love about Fender guitars over these many years are present here, from the three pickup system with five way toggle switching for a wide array of sounds and tones to the “whammy” bar with a vintage tremolo bridge for “stay-in-tunability” that help to make this cool guitar a solid first bet.

This guitar offers a great look and quality for the price, but you will need at the very least an amp and a guitar cable to start cranking the volume on this beauty up.

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The Silvertone Citation Electric Guitar Package

Silvertone SS10 Electric Guitar PackageSilvertone, a complete and total “blast from the past” in guitar history is back and offers the Silvertone SS10 Electric Guitar Package. Silvertone was a musical instrument maker for the Sears company that started making radios and ukuleles in the 1920’s.

They started making guitars in the 30’s and electric guitars in the decades after that. Theirs is a long and interesting American success story that you can investigate on your own, but for the purview of this article we’ll discuss the SS10 package we have at hand. As far as these “packages” go, you get a lot for your money with this one including a strong, loud amplifier with 20 watts of power, the amp cord, a tuner, the picks, the strap and gig back, an extra set of strings, which will come in handy sooner than you think, and the instructional software by eMedia.

In my humble opinion nothing beats a good teacher, but a quick glance into this software reveals it to be a good start, as the fairly extensive program was designed by a university trained professional and appears to teach some fundamentals of music and basics of the guitar before it tries to get the beginner player into playing some popular songs.

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In summary

If price is your main concern these guitars should be among your main choices. The extras they come with are fairly interchangeable and all will give you just about everything you need to get you started playing the electric guitar at a fair and entry level price. If quality and price are your main concerns, the Legacy is the cream of this crop.