Best Electric Guitars $100-$200

So, you’d like to get an electric guitar and spend $200 or less? Perhaps you’re just getting started and want to make sure you enjoy learning and playing guitar before you make a more substantial investment?

In looking for a bargain of this nature in the electric market place we can forget name brands like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, and Yamaha and instead focus on a few solid beginner guitars offered on Amazon in our price range.

Les Paul-II Special electric guitar

Epiphone SPECIAL II Electric Guitar EbonyEpiphone, a subsidiary of the Gibson Guitar company offers a Les Paul-ll Special electric guitar in a vintage sunburst finish. This is a pleasant surprise here, as with the names Epiphone and especially Les Paul you’re getting a lot of beginner guitar for your money.

Les Paul was one of the mad geniuses of music, as he was an inventor, a pioneer of multi-track recording, a pop star, a jazz guitarist and his famous solid body Gibson Les Paul guitar models were, along with what Leo Fender was doing with the Telecaster and then Stratocaster models, at the forefront of the electric revolution in guitar manufacturing.

So the Epiphone Les Paul, with a basswood body and rosewood fretboard is a good looking, lightweight and solid beginner guitar with two humbucker pickups. For an extra ninety bucks or so, they will bundle the guitar with an amp, guitar cable, picks, a strap, a tuner and a gig bag.

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Crescent Green/Black Electric Guitar

Crescent Green Electric GuitarIf you’re interested in the same kind of bundle without breaking the bank.

The Crescent Guitar company offers a Green/Black Electric guitar that comes with a 15 watt California amp, a strap, guitar cable and a gig bag.

This guitar is designed more like a Fender Stratocaster in appearance, so if you prefer that look this could be the model for you.

If you like players like Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen who made outstanding use of the whammy bar and would like to emulate them, the Crescent has one.

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Best Choice Full-Size Electric Guitar

Best Choice Full-Size Electric GuitarBest Choice or BC, is another company that competes in the mid to lower end guitar market and they offer the Full Size Blue Electric guitar for around one hundred dollars and they include a ten watt BC amp.

All the accessories as the Crescent and they even throw in an extra set of strings.

That’s actually a pretty good idea, as sometimes a guitar sits in a factory or on a shelf for a long, long time before purchase in various temperatures and humidity levels and the strings on the guitar can already be shot by the time you get the instrument.

Interestingly enough, the BC is also patterned after the Stratocaster design and is an appealing looking beginner guitar.

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Davison Full Size Black Electric Guitar starter package

Davison Full Size Black Electric GuitarThe Davison is also a Strat look alike, but is a bit more utilitarian and more basic looking.

One difference here is this guitar only offers one humbucker pickup.

The range of sounds and tones you can achieve here will be less than either the Epiphone, Crescent or Best Choice.

The ten watt amp in the package does however come with a built in distortion feature so you can play this very affordable beginner guitar “dirty” and funky or clean.

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Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar

Dean Vendetta XM Electric GuitarIf you’re more of a heavy metal shredder enthusiast you’re probably familiar with Dean guitars, the next company whose offering we’ll discuss.

Dean guitars is a more established and well known company than either Crescent, Davison or Best Choice and is endorsed by many hard rock and metal soloists including Dave Mustaine of Megadeath fame, Uli Jon Roth from the Scorpions, Mountains Leslie West, Poisons Bret Michaels and many, many others.

They offer the Dean Vendetta XM electric guitar with a natural finish right in our budget. The Vendetta uses a type of wood I hadn’t heard of called Paulownia which I discovered is a beautiful, affordable and lightweight wood that many luthiers now favor.

Other features of the XM are a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, two Dean humbuckers and a three way toggle for many tones and textures and a “Tune-o-Matic” bridge, a bridge design that helps with intonation and the strings staying in tune longer.

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In summary

I think the five models here all have different things to offer. If you need or want the one stop shopping value of the packages and have to stay under one hundred dollars, I think the BC, Crescent and Davison are good ways to get started. If you need the bundle and want the best guitar that offers that and can go a bit above the 100 limit, get the Epiphone with the bundle option. I’d suggest that the best stand alone guitar here is the Dean Vendetta. Happy guitar hunting!